Vineyard Cane Rake

An innovative solution for processing pruned canes from the vineyard floor

The removal of waste from the under vine area can reduce disease and carryover problems, and has become an important aspect of viticultural hygiene management. The Whitco Cane Rake removes pruning wood & debris from under the vine into the centre of the row, where it can be mulched or slashed in the same pass, creating an efficient & effective system to manage the vineyard floor in the pruning season.



The Whitco Rotary Vineyard Cane Rake is hydraulically driven, and utilises a robust cam mechanism to raise and lower the tynes as they rotate around the central shaft. This action effectively rakes canes and debris from under the vines into the center of the row where it can be mulched in the same pass.

  • Very efficient raking of canes and debris from under-vine area into the centre of the row
  • Rake and mulch in one pass – huge savings on tractor time and labour
  • Smooth trouble free cam action raises and lowers tynes for efficient raking
  • Excellent results at up to 8 kph
  • Double-sided units – down to 2-4mt rows
  • Easy mounting to Whitco hydraulic mast (see Mast page for more details)
  • Dismount stand enables easy removal from tractor
  • Low oil flow requirement and low maintenance
  • Comprehensive manual with risk assessment
  • Swing-back protection assemblies are optional but recommended



  • Effective processing of canes, preventing build up around under vine area
  • Improved weed control
  • Improved coverage and penetration of weedicide
  • Reduces the harbouring of diseases
  • Helps reduce frost damage
  • A must if you are netting your vines
  • A tidy vineyard helps to eliminate OH & S issues by reducing trip hazards
  • Aesthetics – welcome your guests to a neat and tidy vineyar


  • Side skirt - prevents canes from being rakes into the other side of the row. Ideal in narrow rows.
  • Swingback protection system - protects rake and mountings from accidental contact with posts.
  • Tilting head rams - allow for on the go adjustment for changes in terrain.
  • Hydraulic width adjustment - easy adjustment for variations in row width.
  • Cane Rake can be fitted to a  Whitco Tilting Mast  for even greater versaltility in hilly or terraced sites